My pony lifestyle

by Brin

My name is Brin and I started riding when I was six. I had to stop when I was eight because my coach retired. She now owns my towns only horse store. I took a break from riding and decided I needed horses in my life again. So last year I started riding again.

During that time I have borrowed two horses and now I have my own. His name is Cole and he is an appaloosa X thoroughbred. He is my life. He is boarded because we don't live in the country but...


I'm so excited. When we get a farm my sister is going to get a barrel racing horse and I'm going to get a miniature pony that can pull carts. We might even start cattle ranching.

I do two riding lessons a week and I am a member of the David Thompson pony club. I am currently working on jumping three feet with Cole. Me and my horse crazy bff have an instagram account called redandblueteam. We go on trail rides together all the time.

That is what makes me horsecrazy.

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