My Page: Why I Am A Horse Crazy Girl

by Anonymous

Hi, I will now tell you why I am horsecrazy. They are beautiful, loving, and amazing creatures. When I am riding one I feel happy and free. Horses are my one safe place and I love them like crazy. They give me ideas and happiness. My dream horse's name is Mavis.

She is a buttermilk buckskin, an Arabian. She wears the chartreuse ribbons that I put into her mane. She is a happy horse with free spirit that just enjoys life. She is a young filly and loves to look up at the stars at night with me for hours. She follows me everywhere and comes to me when I call her. Whenever I am sad she knows just how to make me smile.

One day she found a heart shaped locket and gave it to me. I always wear it and haven't taken it off since then. She is also wise for such a young horse and is super smart although she can act childish if she wants.

And that is my dream horse, thank you for reading my horse page!

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Oct 21, 2015
Aww! So Sweet
by: Severelyhorseobsessed

Your dream horse sounds great. My Dream horse is a creamy white Arabian filly. She is 3 years old and my best friend. She is super sweet, she loves life and follows me everywhere. She loves being galloped on the beach and loves long rides through the forest. I love her so much.

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