My new best friend!!! <3

by Brittany H
(Manitowoc Wi)

Sitting on Shawnee!!!

Sitting on Shawnee!!!

We have had shawnee home for about 3 mounts now and she has arthritis:( we don't know why but it might be because she gets stiff in the winter. Now she is doing fine and we like to play games like tag. Well actually she follows me and runs around with me outside. We were doing that the other day! It was so fun!!

We were in my front yard and we got the mail and I was sitting on her then i was feeling brave so I knelt on her for the first time! It was so fun!!! She was bucking and shaking her head when we were running around! It was really cute and funny!! Then we took her back to the barn and groomed her. Then I put her back out in the pasture and she decided to roll in the mud!!! Well so much for grooming!' I thought and just laughed. It was a really fun day!!!

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