My Lucky 7 Horse Party

by Kayla
(Lawton, OK, U.S.A.)

Hey I'm Kayla and I remember my 7th birthday party out of all my others ones the most. When I was 6 years old I didn't have a party so my parents said "They would throw me the LUCKIEST one ever." And trust me it was the LUCKIEST one ever. I loved it and still wish I could do it all over again.

I always said "Horse are lucky" so, that's how my parents and I got the name "Lucky 7 horse party". I remember my invitations, they had pink glitter all over them (I was wearing most of the glitter by the time i pasted them out)and the card had a white horse on it so, that means the card was shaped like a horse.(I remember feeling so happy and excited when I was pasting them out to my friends).

My parents decided to have my party at our house. We live in the country with a lot of land. So we had it in an open field. For my decorations I had, a BIG horse ballon, my streamers were bows that horse wear to look fancy connected, the table cover had a white horse on it.

Also some of my other decorations that I had were horse cups, plates,and siliverware. (It was cool). My cake was the thing I remembered the most of all. My cake was a horseshoe it was beautiful. My cake had looked like a real horseshoe I loved it. (At first I didn't want to eat it) and yes, it was facing up (no bad luck they're good).

My friend's favorite part of the party, other then eating the cake, were the games. Some of the games we played were:

Horse shoes,then a game we made up called "Run,Horsy,Run" - we got these three barrels and then we set them up like you would if you was barrel racing, then we put our feet in these sacks and then raced around the barrels.

Then we played pin the tail on the horse (poor horse). Then we played scavenger hunt - we would use a map to find horse/farm things. Then we got to hit a horse pinata and candy and little toys fell out of it.

My friend's party favors were little hair bows,a horse mask or horse crown (they got to pick), horse rings, coloring pages, their own little horse shoe too, also a little farmer or a little pony and ALOTS of candy.

What I had loved most about this party was because I had my friends and family there to share it with but I really *LOVED* my cake. All my friends said "They had fun that day and they still remember it to and want to know when I was have another one". (I wish I could do it all again I dont know about my parents, they was the pick up duty that day). And that is my wonderful "Lucky 7 Horse party"

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Mar 26, 2017
by: horsesareawsome

Thank you so much! Could not have done better.

May 28, 2014
Perfect work you have done
by: bella

Perfect work you have done. Thank you for this interesting story!

Jul 18, 2011
Nice Idea!
by: Anna M,

That was a very original title. I'm sure the party was a blast!

Jul 17, 2011
fun party!
by: Horsecrazy Girl Sydney

It sounds like a really fun party!! Thanks for telling us all your ideas. Wish we could see a pic of the cake.

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