My love for horses

by Olivia

I know we all love horses. The thing is we can't all have horses.

Just because you can't have a horse don't mean you can't learn as much as possible.You never know your parents might be so impressed they might get you one. Don't bug them about cause it is annoying to your parents so they might never get you one.

It is good to know a lot about horses that way if you get one you know what to do. Young rider, Practical horseman, and etc. is good to read.

Also if your friend gets a horse don't be jealous. It is not a good concept! My friend got a horse.It means she was lucky. Be happy for her. My friend has three horses, so what!

If you're considering becoming a horse vet I will tell you now it is not a good choice. Unless you are totally committed. There is stuff a lot worse then putting a horse down.

I love horses.I mean they're awesome. I try to learn as much as possible because I want to know these things if I get a horse. So you should try to.

If you want a horse but it seems you will never get one don't give up. You need to stay committed. I don't think my parents will ever get me one. But I will NOT give up. I will try my best to get one. That don't mean I will get one but a least I will try.

I think if you love horses you could try to get a horse job a least.You could do so many things. Be a trainer, vet, etc. So try your best.

I hope I inspired you to try your best.

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Sep 07, 2020
I agree!
by: Willow

I don't have a horse and probably never will, but that doesn't stop me from trying!!!

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