My little miniature horse farm

by riley

this is the standardbred mare

this is the standardbred mare

I own 3 mini horses! we are starting a mini farm!! we also have a OTT(off the track) STB(standardbred)mare!

We ride and drive! we love horses i am only 13 and trained this mare all by myself! every one told me i couldn't but i did! i would NOT let her be put down!

she had over 10 foals! she needed a retirement place for the rest of her life and i am the one she will spend it with :-)

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Mar 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

You sound like a great horse owner! Training a horse is awesome! How often do your ride your non-mini?

Oct 06, 2008
by: Sandy

That is such a nice horse and a nice story too. i'm glad you rescued her. Did she really get over ten foals? You must be very proud- i mean you saved her life plus many more

Jun 14, 2008
I'm a believer!
by: Windcall

Your story of training this mare sounds like a movie! You should DEFINITELY write about it. Hey, I'm 13, too! I wish I could rescue a mare and train her.... You're so lucky!

May 17, 2008
How sweet!
by: Eliana

That is the sweetest story. She looks like a sweetie too. I am so glad you rescued her!! Good luck with your farm. Post more pics OK?

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