My Life

by Rayna
(Mesa, AZ, USA)

Okay everyone! I am crazy for our lovely equine friends that teach us so much. I live in the city of Mesa in Arizona, USA. If you don't know me, read a few of my stories on here! My most recent one is "The First Snow!"

I have been horse crazy for like a few years now, but unfortunately I'm not getting a horse yet. A lot of people ask me questions about horses, but they always start it out with "So if you ever get a horse...." But I know better because I don't say, "So if I get a horse" instead I say, "So when I get a horse" because my mom promised me a horse someday. And when I say, "I WANT A HORSE!" I just mean, I want one right now, But I'm going to have to wait till I get one hopefully soon.

My house is the average size, with a pool, a basketball court and just a plain grassy area to play in. (That's where my 5 bunnies live!) But we might move soon! If we do, my mom said she'll try to make sure we get a house with enough room for a horse! Keep being equine crazy!

~~Horses are the wings we lack~~

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Jul 22, 2014
You might not remember me

Looking for a friend from a long time ago

I'm looking for an old friend.
Not so old in age, we were friends about 10 years ago.
Co-worker in fact!
I'd really like to catch up, talk online or if I'm extremely lucky, have coffee.
If you can pass on my search, share the my name, thank you.
If it's not you, I'm sorry for the bother.
If you're not sure, please send me a message.

Sarah Nicholson Hurst

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