My life

by Jenna

Im Jenna, (15) and have loved horses all my life and when i finally convinced my parents to let me start riding i was thrilled! The first horse i ever rode there was a Stock horse named Sherry. My parents only gave in because they thought it wouldnt last long. But it did. They didnt like horses and still dont but i love them. Ive got my own horse. A beautiful bay standardbred ex-racehorse named Gemma.
My best friends are horse-crazy too. I've grown up with them and they're like sisters to me. We met at the stables and are pretty much exactly like the saddle club. We go on many adventures with our horses and its always fun when we're together. Sadly though we all go to different schools. But we still see each other everyday at the stables.
I love horses and all animals!

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