My life with horses

by Barrelracer24/7
(Manitoba, Canada)

This is a true story about my life. All events are things that actually happened but I am not going to use any names just for privacy.

It all started when I was really little. I was four years old when I fell in love with horses, but before that I was terrified.

You see, when I was around one year old, my parents took me to see my grandparents' horses. One of the horses that came to say hi was Zoe. Zoe was an eight year old mare who was super friendly and I liked her, but then she sneezed. It scared me so much I cried almost every time I saw a horse. But that changed.

I started riding. At first, it was just a slow walk and then a trot. My grandpa bought me a little kid's saddle so I didn't have to use his huge roping saddle.

When I was five, instead of putting my saddle on Zoe, he put his own saddle on I was confused. I asked him what are you doing and all he said was just wait, you will see.

When we got to the makeshift round pen (we still don't have a proper round pen) he mounted and said, "Grab my arm and I will swing you up behind me," so I was like okay, whatever. After I was on we started walking, and then trotting, and then we loped. It was the first time I had ever loped. I was so excited but also completely terrified!

The next day, I was found out that your legs could hurt after riding.

When I was six, we got a pony. His name was Spot. He was a paint welsh cross, he had one blue eye and one brown eye. The first time we rode him it was bareback, but the only problem was we had gotten him for free and he had been neglected and was super skinny and hungry.

Every ten seconds he would put his head down to graze and because he was so skinny, well you can see where I'm going. Spot was a good pony until he got fat then he tried to roll on me and bucked me off. It was the first time I had ever fallen off. We sold him not long after.

Later that year in summer, at a rodeo nearby, one of my grandpa's friends gave me a ride on his palomino for me. It was like a dream come true. Palominos were and still are my favorite coloring of horse.

The next year, I got to ride in my first gymkhana. Before I went into the warm up ring, my parents gave me a purple helmet and I got a purple halter from my grandparents. I placed second over all. I was so happy I could barely sleep that night.

The next weekend, I went to a different gymkhana at the same rodeo. I got to ride the palomino at. I placed third in barrel racing, first in big T and I think I placed second In poles. I won a whole thirty dollars that day in my seven year old mind, I thought I was rich. I went to that rodeo again the next year as well.

I also went to a gymkhana that I hadn't gone to before. That day started out well other then the fact that my best friend got stung by a wasp. It was going well. I placed in a few of the events I entered. My friend placed for the first time but then I went bad. My mom had passed me a jumbo freezie and I was eating it with two hands and my horse, her name was Fly, I had got her that winter, put her head down to graze. I couldn't grab the reins and they fell over her head. She was fine at first then she took a step forward and the reins got wrapped around her leg she put her head up and freaked out, she was rearing and I was trying to stay on. Someone managed to grab my arm he yelled, "JUMP!"

I tried but he mostly just pulled me off. After I was off, Fly ran into the bush nearby my grandpa and bunch of other people ran off after her. I was so scared. When they got back with Fly I only had about five minutes before I had to go run barrels. I won.

The next year, nothing really happened. One of our horses had a foal. Her name is Piper. When we weaned her she fell and tore something in her stifle so we can't ride her.

2017, I was ten years old and I was going to my first jackpot. I was so excited! It was an amazing eight weeks.

The weekend after the last one, we had finals. I won first in 3D and I got my very first belt buckle. it was like a dream come true.

Two weeks later, I was riding Fly at a nice slow one handed lope and then she fell. Fly had been limping on and off for two years. We just give her some medicine and she would be fine but not this time. Her right leg had given out and she pretty much did a somersault. I got very lucky and fell to the side and didn't roll with her. It was the scariest day of my life.

And what was embarrassing was it was in front of an uncle that I've never seen, and my grandpa is always bragging about how good I am at riding.

I may have been fine but Fly wasn't. She was limping more then ever before. We had the X-Ray and had other tests done but our vets had no idea what was wrong. I wasn't able to ride her again until December and it was horrible. Two weeks after she fell, one of our younger horses, Whisper, bucked me off for the first out of four times.

I continued competing that year on good old Zoe. She was seventeen now but she acted like a seven year old. She is the most energetic horse I have ever ridden.

That fall, we went to a fall finale. Our first run was okay but on the second run, the timer didn't start and Zoe can only run one or two good fast runs in a day. So when we had to do a third, it sucked. The first two barrels were fine but she ran straight into the third. It was all I could do to turn her around. I didn't win anything that day but that's okay because it's not about winning. It's about having fun.

In December, Fly was better. I don't remember what she had but her brain was telling her that she was lame. The first time I loped her, I closed my eyes and held my breath as we passed the spot where she fell. After that, I was fine or so I thought.

2018 I started riding our three year old Zoom. She was amazing! She learned quickly and had a good attitude. She loved to run and turn. I soon started competing her and that year went well.

The next year went the same. I mean riding two horses was a bit tiring but it was good. I started riding another young horse training her for barrels. That year I also got to ride my two-year old palomino, Honey. Honey is a good horse but the trainer who saddle broke her didn't teach her how to back up, spin, or change leads we had to teach her those thing and a bunch of other stuff as well.

2020 was a weird year for all of us. I only had one small jackpot and I wasn't able to go to my first futurity but Piper did have a foal which was very exciting because we hadn't had a foal since Piper was born.

This year will hopefully be a lot better. We are expecting another foal this spring. Fingers crossed it's a filly.

We have reached the end, sorry there isn't as much information about the last few years. Not a lot has happened but I hope you enjoyed this story about my life.

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Nov 09, 2021
Great Story!!!
by: Bailey The Horse Lover

Nice! I love how you kept persevering even though you got bucked off a few times. (I have been bucked off and I know how hard it is to get back on)

Aug 01, 2021
When I started riding
by: Anonymous

Hello there! This is my story about when I started riding in November of 2020. I went to a small barn (I'm not saying the name for privacy purposes) and the first horse I rode was an old horse. I started out not riding in a saddle because my teacher wanted me to develop good balance in the ring until I was more experienced. Instead, I rode with a saddle blanket and a vaulting girth. Finally, after a few weeks, I was allowed to ride in a western saddle!!

I started out walking and trotting then later on my teacher taught me how to lope! It was so much fun!

My teacher told me that I was now experienced enough to ride with the show team, even though I wasn't showing yet. But that meant getting a different instructor. She was very mean. She called kids names when they did something wrong!

I rode with her as my co-teacher (since my other one was still pretty much my teacher) for a while, then I couldn't do it anymore. She made me very uncomfortable because she was so mean.

Finally, I told my mom what was happening, and we switched to a different barn. There I got a new instructor and I met lots of new horse BFF's. I have been riding there ever since, and I just went to my first show!

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