by Lulu

I am a horsecrazy girl because I grew up with a horse. Here is my story.

When I was three we bought a horse we named it lightning. I started to love lightning. When I became six I rode her took care of her and like she was my very own horse. But that all happened in Iraq. So as you know there were wars in Iraq so one night there was a bomb so close and loud the it woke lightning then she was so scared that she ran away.

The next morning we went looking for her and we found her dead by the bomb. And it is a very sad story and because of her I realized that my love for horses will be the strongest love I give to any animal.


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Aug 04, 2020
That's so sad
by: Horse crazy girl

I'm so sorry about lightning. It must have been really hard for you. But you still must have awesome memories with him! Jesus loves you!

Aug 24, 2015
So sad
by: HorseCrazyGirl

That's sad. :(

Jul 30, 2014
sorry for your horse
by: Emylee

Sorry that is sad to hear 😢

Aug 31, 2013
sorry to hear that :(
by: reina

I'm sorry to hear that. I am related to people from Iraq through my uncle.

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