my life in haert

by maddy

Hi my name is Maddy. My horse died but I am still horse crazy. My horse'ss name was Chex. She was a bay horse.

Now I have another horse his name is Luie. He is a gelding. I rode him in shows. He is chestnut. I love the color of him. He was in a big stall the first time we saw him.

I love riding a big horse. When I was in the shows I was the smallest person. I had the biggest horse at the show.

Now let's talk about me.

My name is Maddy I am seven years old. I have been riding since I was 3. I only have had 2 horses in my life.

I have won 3 shows.I did not get to ride that often. I live in montesano.

I used to live in Kenniwick. That's where my aunt lives. She has a lot of horses.

That's were I used to keep my horse. but it was too hot over there.

My horse loves too do barrels. If I rode more at my aunt's I would go to a barrel show.

Well you can see I have a sad and happy life.

From, madolynn

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Apr 02, 2009
Cute Webpage
by: Anonymous

wow that was cute Maddy. I am 9 and i have only won 1 1rst place 2 2nd place 2 3rd place 2 4th place 1 5th place 1 6th place 1 7nth place ribbons and overall best in my division trophy and 1 particapant ribbon. I have never had a horse of my own(exept for school horses) in my life. I have only competed in 3 competitions and I am totally horse crazy!!!! i was born that way i guess. I loved your webpage and i hope you make more..... I am so sorry about Chex dying. I have also lost my 1rst school horse Buck! He was an angel and now he is one! lol! good luck in the future....

Jun 30, 2008
by: casey

i think it is great that you still love horses even though your old one died. but keep having a great time with them just like i do!!

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