My Journey with Horses so far!

by Cowgirl
(Lennox Head NSW Australia)

Hi! I'm Marley and I'm totally horse mad!
I started riding when i was 5, but my mum has had a horse since she was pregnant with me so i always used to get lead around on her bareback. Her name was Polly and she was a 14.3hh ASH mare.

For my 5th birthday from my mum and dad, I got riding lessons at a place called Seedy Creek. I was so excited and I had heaps of friends there too. I kept going there until I was 7, then one of my dad's, friend's wife, named Francis, started up a riding center and I quit at Seedy Creek and started to go there. It was called Woodlands Riding Centre.

I loved all of the horses there and got some extra lessons for free in exchange for helping out on Saturdays. Sadly as I was one of the youngest riders I didn't get to do much because everybody didn't think much of me! I wasn't allowed to go and catch the horse or even tack him up and the older girls got to! This mad me very angry!!!!!!

I talked to my mum and dad about getting my own pony and keeping it at my pop's farm. They never really said yes, so when one of mum's friends rang up and said she found a pony i was thrilled! We had tried so many times before and had looked at many different ponies, I was still very up set about the last pony that we looked at called Highlander. I had all of my hopes and Dreams set on him and Francis said he had too big of a stride for me and I was furious and angry at myself for not speaking up and saying that I really wanted him and even my mum, who isn't very horsey anymore, said that we should have bought him! O.K. back to this other pony~we were going to see her the next Friday as it was the holidays!

As we pulled into this yard were the pony lived, I saw that a man was working a huge TB over some jumps without a saddle, bridle or lunge rein! As I said hello I heard a whinny come from the stable block and I walked in to see a very skinny run-0down old standarbred Mare. Her name was Sally. I instantly fell in love with her and wanted to get on her immediately!

I got on and found out that she was very sluggish and then the man gave me a whip! I had used whips in the past but didn't want to do it to Sally as I thought It may hurt her because she was very skinny. The man got on her and showed me how it use the whip on her so it wouldn't hurt, then I got on.

I left that day with a heart healed and full of gold and knowing that Sally would be mine! I went home to talk to my dad about it and he broke some happy news to me! He said that we are going to buy a farm closer to our house that pop's and I was allowed to buy her!

I rang up mum's friend(Lynne) and told her the good news. She also gave me some news(good news) That she was only for sale for $200! and we were allowed to go and collect her the next day!!

We didn't have a float and Lynne's place wasn't that far away, so we decided to ride her from her old home to lynne's farm! We had to cross a busy highway but Sally was fine and then a long 4 and a half kilometre ride was ahead of us!

I have already fallen off sally once but that is all art of the fun, right?! I was 10 when i got Sally and am now onto my next Horse an Arabian mare called Hayes! We still own Sally for friends and my annoying brothers to ride as well as Polly and Hayes! I'm now eleven and this story is a true story and this can just go to show how much you van love horses and never give up on them!

Thanks for reading!

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