My horsey life or as I call it : HEAVEN!

by Abbie

I was always around horses even before I was born! My mum was totally horse crazy and owned a dutch warmblood called Foxy.Foxy had to be put down when I was born because he had a brain tumor and my mum was heart broken. A couple of weeks after that my dad bought my mum for her wedding a thoroughbred 15:2 hh bay horse and they named him Prince. He was rode and cared for but now retired because of arthuritis. We still own him but not ride him.My mum's friend knew a lady that was selling a 10:3 hh shetland had just foaled and with my birthday coming up they bought her for me. I named her Jewel. The first day I rode her was the first day I ever rode but we didn't know how badly she was treated when she was rode so she bucked me off and cantered up to the hay that was stored in the indoor arena and started eating. We never rode her after that because she is prone to lamanitis.I was walking around the farm one day when I met a girl and her big sister looking at a little 11:3 hh pony called Apollo. She came up to me and said "Hello I'm Mhairi! Who are you?" I said "I'm Abbie. Do you own this pony?" "Well a bit. My sister rides him and I groom him." After that encounter we are best friends. That was 7 years ago and we're still friends.Mhairi now owns Apollo and her sister owns Toffee.Ever week I used to ride Apollo in lessons but stopped because my intructor became a policewoman. I was hooked on ponies so I went to buy one.Reno was the first pony I looked at and I didn't like him because he wouldn't even trot.Sparky was bad.On his add it said "13:2 hh bombproof chestnut" but he was all from that because we was 11:3 and reared at a tractor and I couldn't even ride him because I didn't even bother.Mannie was great and I loved him but my mum said no because he was a windsucker but I loved him! One day I was looking on Scothorse and I saw an add for a 13:3 hh piebald mare that was just taken back from Trailblazers and my mum said no. I was super keen on her so we went to see her and she was a dream! Heidi loves jumping and got the highest score in dressage at her stables.Next year I hope to take her to some shows and win everthing!

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Jul 15, 2010
by: Abbie

Sydney and all the others,

Beleive it or not this is true! Some things you hear seem untrue but most times they are! Er sorry but its true.

R.I.P Foxy we love you!

Jul 09, 2010
not sure
by: Sydney

Is it a madeup or real life story? either way it's amazing.

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