My Horses!

by Jessica
(Alaska, USA)

Hi, my name is Jessica (I posted this on 1/1/2011), and I must say, I am totally, completely, 100% horse crazy! I have owned 8 horses in the past; Lady, Flicka, Beauty, Ginger, Ace, Belle, Classy and Zenyatta. I want to tell you a little about how they got their names and about them :).

We got Lady (she is a purebred Arabian), when I was around 7 (I am now 14). Her name before was Clara, which did not fit her at all. She was very ''proper'' for a horse (or well-behaved), and she was white (gray if your technical), so that made sense of the "Lady" part. Her show name is Lady Jane, and Jane comes from my grandma's favorite author as a child (and still her favorite author), Jane Austen. So, that is Lady's name story. We still have Lady, and she is about 15 years old and used for the horse camps I do in the summer and winter breaks.

We got Flicka (she's a Mustang) in the summer of 2010. She was 2 when we got her, and full of spirit and quite temperamental. We got her to be my next show horse. Her name before was Andrew, which, I mean, she is a filly, and Andrew's a boy name, right?!?! So, of course we had to switch. My mom was horse crazy growing up, and her favorite book we watched the movie Flicka shortly after we got her. She reminded us of the horse in the movie, so that name came and stuck to her. We still have Flicka and she is my current show horse, and she is 3 years old.

We got Beauty in the summer of 2001. She was a year old, and very quiet and calm. She was unnamed, and we are fans of the Disney classics, especially Beauty And The Beast, so we decided to name her Beauty. She was a black Thoroughbred after all (gorgeous!) We do not still have Beauty, she died sadly in the November of 2010 :''(. She died of a rare sickness when she was 9 (quite young). It broke my heart, and I still remember that day.

Ginger was a rescue Clydesdale/Pinto/Morgan/Arabian cross. She was a rescue, and we rescued her from a rescue ranch that didn't even want her in April 1999. We had no idea for a name for her, so we looked up names on the internet and the only one we liked for her was Ginger. After all, she does have a fiery red temper. We sold Ginger to my aunt a few years back, and she has a very happy home there.

Ace was different. He was the only boy horse we ever owned, and he had anger issues, for a horse! He came from an unhappy home of a girl that once claimed to love him but then a few years later, looking after him became a chore. We bought him a few days after my grandpa died, and my grandpa was called Ace by his friends, so we called our Ace Ace. Ace was very angry while he was here, and kept attacking our mares. We sold him to a professional dressage trainer and he now is an excellent dressage rider and I believe a girl leases him and they are very happy (glad for him)!

Belle was, perhaps the best horse we ever owned (and still do own). A few days before Beauty died, she foaled to a pretty filly, a rich chestnut color. It only made sense to name Belle after something honoring her mother, and Belle is the name of the girl in Beauty and the Beast, so it stuck. We still do have Belle, and as for being an orphan, she is doing great.

Classy was different as well. We bought her at a sales block in December 2010. She wasn't skinny, she was actually very fat, but it wasn't because she was well-fed. and a halter was nearly digging into her skin. She kept rearing and galloping, anybody that stopped to see the black filly when she was being calm passed on. So, we bought Classy, and she reminded us of a horse in a classic movie- wild, high strung, etc. And we would never name her Classic, so we called her Classic. Her show name, though, is Classic Memory. She's a black Thoroughbred, and is a 4 year old mare.

We found out Classy was fat because she was pregnant! She foaled on January 1, 2011. It was a big surprise for us, and what an amazing New Year's Day present she was! She is black like her mom, and looks like a mixture of Eight Belles/Zenyatta, and her show name is going to be Zenyatta's Belles.

----Horsecrazy Jessica

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Jan 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

I own 300 horses!

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