My horses& there names

by vanny

I have an appalossa leopared female named:" Chick For Spots" she's a real sweetie,but i couldn't get a picture of her on here....i live on a ranch called:"West Horses" and we have alot to do on our ranch i have a chestnut male who we have 2 of his babies...his name is"O Haro" his foals are:"Dancing Around Haro" and mine:"Marshmellow Addiction" since her mom's name is:"Marshmellow Beauty" i love our horses and always will. our oldest horse is 14yrs 4months his name is"Speedy Cheater" he is a gelding therfore cannot reproduce..these names have been chosen by me and my family,we have so many so we can't figure out what to name them!like my brothers black mares name is:"Ima Boppin' Clue" shes mean and very aggresive and hates cameras,the last time we tried taking a picture of her with her light bay brother:"Ima Good Clue",unfortunatly we sold him but anyways,the camera flash stunned her and she almost broke her stall and everything in brother doesn't ride her anymore so he rides his other one a white stallion with a brown spot his name is:"Take A Glance" that's about it,oh! and we have a foal female in "Speckles" another horse,she'll be born soon we already picked the name::"Ooopps!" her dad's name is"is Dat The Phone?" he's an appolossa...his dad is beautiful too,his name is:"Who Whiz It?so thanks for listning, sorry for NO pictures:)

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