My Horses: Poppy, Fozzie, Luke and Sophie

I love horses and I dedicate half my life to them. I would love to own my own stables but I only have 4 horses at a livery yard.

Poppy who is black and is 4yrs old and my baby boy Fozzie who is brown and is only 2yrs old. I also have Luke who is chestnut and 6yrs old and Sophie who is dallied and 11yrs old.

I think this website is an inspiration to horse lovers. All i want do do is say a great thanks to Sydney and all the people who put up this website!

I want to tell you something, years ago my mother died in car crash so her last words were keep up horse riding. So my wish of life is to become a worldwide horse rider and make my mother proud.

Anyway the horse on the photo is my Fozzie and that's me riding him.

Note from Sydney: Thanks for appreciating the site! That's so sweet of you. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. Good luck in fulfilling her dreams for you! Enjoy the site!

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