My horses Ginger, Roo, April, and Cody

by Amanda
(frankfort, Kentuckey)

My baby cody

My baby cody

Im TOTALLY horsecrazy because of my four horses: Ginger, Roo, April, and My Cody Boy. They are my best friends! Let me tell you about them...
The puppy dog: Ginger is an amazing horse. She will do almost anything for me. She is my closest friend out of the four. She follows me around like a puppy hence the nickname {lol}! She is all-around the sweetest horse I've had. Ginger is a line-back chestnut with a glowing personality.
The headstrong one: Roo is an awesome horse, but hasn't met my standards in her training. She is coming along nicely though. We got her out of a sale ring so she isn't completely broke yet. She is a red bay roan who's got her own ideas about life.

The odd one out: April is a great horse but she has some tricks up her sleeve. I am absolutely sticking with this little mare! She's clever and can become childish at times. April; my liver chestnut angel.

The speed-demon: Cody is an amazingly gentle stallion. The first time I laid eyes on him I was in love! He has been my guy for years now (and I think my boyfriend's getting jealous)! He is a five year old who's got his mind made up! Like most arabians, Cody thinks he knows everything there is to know about anything and that's what I love about him. He's a great companion in the hills and in the arena! He's a black babe who would be any horselover's dream horse!

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