My horsecrazy adventure!

by Katie

I started out riding at a local barn where my friends had gotten me to ride. I loved riding soo much! I have loved horses my whole life and had ridden a little bit when I was 7 but had to quit due to schedule issues. It felt nice to get back into the saddle again after like 5 years!

I started out riding this nice little Arab. He was very bumpy and lazy and a good learning horse at the walk and trot. I then eventually, after a couple quick rides on other horses later, moved to a quarab. He was very smooth and I had my first canter on him and my first jump:) The first time I cantered, I fell off. I went in a corner, lost my balance, and fell off (got right back on though!).

I eventually learned how to sit the canter and then moved onto jumping later once I got the canter down good. My first jump was amazing! I felt like I was flying when I went over it. It was a little crossrail on a little horse so it was an actual jump and not just a step. I made my dad come and watch along with my mom, I was so excited to be jumping!

I moved onto another horse who was a shorter appendix. She was a brat for me:). Only one of my friends was able to ride her well without her getting strong, for awhile, but I still loved the little mare. She was a good jumper and moved me along in my jumping a little bit up to 2ft.

Then, eventually I got tired of riding her and was able to choose, one day, who I wanted to ride. I chose an opinionated thoroughbred gelding. He was very tall but a very good jumper. I stayed relatively at the same height of jumping and went to my first show on him.

My first show was amazing! I did a dressage and jump combined which I got 3rd in and another dressage which I got 6th in and the last dressage I got 1st in! I was so proud and worn out. After that show though, I moved barns. My mom was upset with the barn and so we moved. The place I moved to had made my equitation a lot better and I learned how to jump higher and be one with the horse on a jump.

I had learned that she had this hanoverian x tb for sale at her place and told my dad about her. I was so happy because he said we would lease her to see how she does with me. I discovered that I was the only other person, besides my trainer, who this horse (named Gavrah) would tolerate. My dad finally decided to buy her and bought her for me.

After she was fully mine, I moved barns again (stayed at each of the barns only a year each) and I had learned so many things that were wrong with my horse. She was unbalanced beyond belief at the canter, she would pull me across the ring at the canter, she was scared of her own feet so her canter and jumping were very quick, and she overall didn't respect my authority.

Now at this barn that I am at (the one we moved to when we bought Gavrah) I have learned natural horsemanship with my horse, I am able to take her cross country jumping without worrying if I have brakes or not, her canter is much slower now although still not perfectly balanced, I am able to jump courses with her (not very high but it's a start), and she respects my authority. This horse has literally brought me from the top to rock bottom and back up. I can't thank my horse enough for the things she has taught me.

I have learned how to stay on since I used to fall off at least 6 times a month, I've learned how to keep a quiet hand and leg and seat, and overall I've learned that I can love and trust such a powerful creature that has many times brought me close being paralyzed and being in the hospital. I have many times been thankful I've never gone to the hospital for injuries. I've never broken a bone or gone to the hospital for riding accidents.

I've also learned how to teach a horse to trust you and not be spooked at everything. She has taught me more than any other horse could have taught me and many people have told us that we can't do it but we persevered every time. That is my horse story!

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