My Horse Story!

by Christina
(South Carolina)

Hi my name is Christina, and all my life I dreamed of getting a horse and eventually I got one. She was a quarter horse, of course my parents didn't let me find a horse that I would be able to click with, they just found one and got it.

I really loved her but she just didn't click with me. Oh, and the biggest problem with her is she couldn't even canter without wanting to act like she was in the wild with all the bucking, snorting, and acting like she was in a rodeo.

I'll be honest I didn't spend as much time with her as I should have but is was only because we weren't the right match of horse and rider. As time went by my parents started talking about getting rid of her and with that my not necessarily dream horse was gone......

Then I started reading these books that came in a endless series called Canterwood Crest, by the way the best books ever you should totally read them. They are about these girls at a boarding school who have horses and compete and you know how books go drama and blablabla.

I started to realise that they are good because they spend endless hours training, bonding, and practicing all things I did not do with Dakota. To hear how much fun they had doing it made me regret ever getting rid of Dakota.

I work really hard at my grades at school and at home and I have worked so hard on it that I have got so much extra time on my hands, right now I'm doing absolutely nothing with that time but wasting it.

About every day I have been spending time exercising in the path of her old pen, when I do that it is using the extra time, getting healthy, and going through all the good memories I had with her. We my not have been the perfect match but we had some of the best time together than I have had with my BFF....and that says something!

I don't mean to drag this out so just let me say it I WANT TO RIDE AGAIN, I WANT MY HORSE BACK, AND I WANT TO BE THE BEST AT IT!! !But is impossible to get her back if I wanted to do it over it means getting a new horse one the was my match. But how?! You know how the economy is, I had gotten rid of all of stuff, even the fence. I'm NEVER going to get another horse well not anytime soon! :(

But luckily I have a really close uncle who I love sooo very much and he has a ton of horses! Which gave me a plan....

MISSION: Convince my uncle(Gary) to let me train, bond, and spend endless hours practicing with one of his horses, one that I click with. And I will do just that........

By the way this is a true story. Please train, bond, and spend endless time practicing with your horse or horses don't make the horrible decision that I did!

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Aug 19, 2012
I'm sorry:(
by: Christina

Wow I'm so sorry to hear that:( My name is Christina and I also have a quarter horse, Oliver, and we just clicked. I also read the Canterwood Crest series and it also inspired me to ride more and be more with Oliver. Thank you for putting this up. This has also inspired me to never give up on horses because they are forgiving well that was all thank you again. :)

Jul 09, 2012
by: Katie

I have a horse and i will tell you from experience. You know when you have found the perfect horse for you. You immediately click! I have so far had this happen with two horses. One was a lesson horse that I rode a lot and I almost immediately clicked with him. I fed him pretzels and he licked my hand and it was an immediate bond! I loved him so much until I moved stables but then I had that immediate bond with my horse now. I would keep working at it and you will know when you've found that perfect horse.

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