My Horse Story

by Olivia

My story isn't really like other people's. But here it is:

I was born on a farm where my parents owned Miniature Horses. When I was 4, I got my own Pinto Miniature named Lester. He was about 9 hands high or so (I was only 4, I don't remember!). He was my dream and I couldn't ride him though :(. I was 43 inches tall and too big.

When I was 7, my parents got divorced and my Mom stayed on our Miniature Farm to raise the Minis more, which included Lester. I moved into a smaller house deeper into the country. The nearest town was miles away. My father bought a horse, and it was a big Clydesdale gelding named Shine. He was too high strung for anybody too ride and anyway he was being used as a work horse.

Later on, I was searching for horses for sale and then found a beautiful Miniature Pony at a cheap price. I showed my dad, and he agreed but slightly hesitated. Later on, that little light brown Mini came home, and he wasn't nearly as high strung as Shine. He was a stallion, but didn't show much of it. He was a very quiet and good-natured horse. He ended up being named Acorn; his name before was unacceptable. After owning these two horses for five years of taking riding lessons, my dad faintly agreed to buy the horse I rode at lessons, a Snowflake Appaloosa named Maple. Maple didn't make it too far; he was put down 5 months later due to brain tumor. Soon, Shine fell sick and emerged into Heaven as well.

My dad needed another horse too pull the plow; we couldn't have our Nature do it! So my dad ended up the next day with a calm, gentle-natured Clydesdale mare named Marie. She was stronger than Shine and was very healthy as well--Dad's dream plow horse. But I wasn't so happy; Dad didn't pay for any more riding lessons, although I did have Marie and Nature.

On my 12th birthday, my father bought a Blanket Appaloosa gelding named King; he died just a few weeks later. I grew depressed, before I found Juliet. I found Juliet at an Auction house; she looked hungry, lonely and depressed. She was a dark bay Thoroughbred ex-race horse. My father bought the filly and nursed her back to health; she was still skinny, but not super-skinny. So, anyway, Juliet is a dark bay Thoroughbred ex-racehorse, as you know. She is 16.3 hands high and when I do Jumping with her, it's like a dream. Juliet is my dream and she means the world to me!

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Dec 01, 2010
by: Sydney

sorry for losing so many horses. but i'm so happy for you and Juliet!

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