My Horse Story! How I got To Keep My Horse, Chiquita

by Sari

My Baby Girl and I. The Day I Was Told I Could Keep Her.

My Baby Girl and I. The Day I Was Told I Could Keep Her.

"She's far to small for you."
"You'll never learn anything from that lump of nothing out there in that pasture or in that nasty stall."
"You need to get a new horse, one that's the right one for you."

Chiquita is a 21 year old mare. Love her loads, till one day my trainer decided to sell her. I loved her to much to let her go. I begged and cried for days, spent hours and every free time I had with her.

She was my best friend, that I never wanted to loose. My parents thought no sense into owning a horse or what's so great about them. But, I had a special passion and interest in them that no one else could seek.

After countless hours of arguing about keeping her, my trainer got fed-up with it all and said, "Sarigaro, if you want to keep her that much, prove to me 'worth something."

And I prove that old horses are not what you think they are, just a lump of dirty and poop. I took her to an EQ Test and proved to my trainer that to never sell her. I passed that EQ Test, and she's mine to keep till the day she goes to Heaven. She is the one I cherish the most in my life.

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