My horse Storm

by Rebekah
(New Zealand)

Loving horses runs in my blood, despite the fact that my dad hates animals especially horses! i ca'nt believe it either.

We used to own a horse called Storm. He was a standardbred and he used to be a pacer. Then he went to the Gore R.D.A and they passed him on to a farmer. The farmer abandoned him. My older sisters friend found him and we adopted him. He lived with us until he was 30 and then we had to put him down.

My entire family (my mums side) and my step Granddad (i don't mean to boast but my step granddad is Dusty Spittle,one of the best country music players in NZ) all love horses but i am pretty much the only one who rides anymore.

Horses are my life and my passion and always will be!I am going to be a vet when I grow up because I love all animals (mainly horses)

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Apr 18, 2010
Oh My Gosh!
by: Rebekah

That's so cool!
I absolutly love your story!
Hey that's cool how we have the same first name, I'm from NZ to but I live somewhere else :D
Rebekah :D

Apr 17, 2010
by: Sydney

I am sooooo sorry to hear about Storm. That must have been so hard. And that's cool about your step grandad!

I really hope to visit New Zealand someday. It must be a gorgeous place to ride.

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