My horse riding life

by CiCi

I started to take interest in horses when i was about nine. I thought they were so cool!

When I was ten,we found out about a place near my house that offered riding lessons. We decided to give it a shot and I loved it.I was at that place for a couple of months then I went and tried a different place that offered riding lessons.

The new place I took lessons at was cool at first but then I started riding a horse named sunny.He tried to throw me off (more than once in a lesson)and i got scared and only rode him once more before I found Bonnie and Pizzaz.These were two horses at the same barn that I loved from the moment i saw them. I rotated riding them from week to week and i was so happy. Sadly they were both put to sleep when I was eleven so i went back to the first place I rode at and am there to this day.

I have always wanted a horse of my own but for now I have the school horses at my barn. I am doing a camp this summer that will show me what it takes to own a horse. Hopefully, it will give me an idea of the responsibility a horse owner has then I can get my own horse. For now like I said, I have the school horses and my insructor lets me get my horse and put it away if it is not being used after me.I love to put my horse away because then you can groom them and put their sheets on.

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May 29, 2011
your riding life
by: Sydney

Don't worry Cici, I don't have a horse yet either. But I keep hoping and riding!!

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