My Horse Page!

by Carrigan

Hi I'm Carrigan author of Sage- Misty- Whimsical Dreams!

I love to answer questions, help with story ideas etc... But I also love to do poll questions and TRIVIA! So if you have been reading my sires Sage, here's some Trivia for you!

1- What is Brooke's parents' and last name?
2- What is Brooke's golden QH's name?
3- How old is Brooke?
4- What is the name Brooke hates!
5- When Brooke is in the hospital she feels _______
6- When Brooke looks in the mirror who does she see and why does she cry?
7- In Chapter 1. Broken Dream's what does Brooke say he dad is caving in on?
8- How many days did Brooke have to wait to see her horse?
9- (last question, this is something you need to read between the lines to answer, no right or wrong! from chapter 1) A dream Brooke has before she crashed.

I love to answer questions and stuff and know here is a poll!

Best horse coats?
* Palomino
* Rainbow
* Chestnut
* Black
* Bay
* Dark Bay
* Pinto
* Brown
* Zebra!

Please comment XOXOXO.

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