My Horse Obsession

by Lauren

When I was little, about five, my mom bred and raised quarter horses and paints. I am very sad to say that I did not like horses then. In fact, I was rather scared of them.

When I was seven, we sold all of our horses except for one special horse. It was my mom's horse that she got when she was 14, and trained herself. Her name is Outstanding Cheks, nicknamed Cher. She's still around today (at 23 !!!) but, at the tragic age of four, Cher and some other horses where spooked and they ran into a barbed wire fence. Cher ended up with half of her chest missing, and she cannot be ridden because she stumbles so much.

About a year ago, my grandpa died. I was really sad, though I tried to hide it. I finally discovered that horses weren't scary, and that they are very, very, very beautiful and understanding. We just clicked. So that's my story of horse obsession. I am saving my money for a horse right now.

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