My Horse Life

by Sarah
(New Zealand)

Horses mean the world to me. I have had many horses including a green leggy cherry bay named shadow. He was my first pony. He was 11.2hands when I was little he would jump anything but when I got bigger he'd only jump little things cuz I got to big.

my second horse was Japha (bay) she lasted 6 weeks but she got too strong and fast so she got sold but I know her owner very well. But she's getting sold again cuz shes to hyper. The third horse I rode cuz he wouldn't last was Tyson, a grey long cuz he was 18. He lasted a few months while I looked.

don't ask me what horses I rode for a couple of months cuz I don't know but after that I fell in love with a snow flake appaloosa named jaspher even know he was 25 he meant the world to me. I spent all my free time with him but sadly we had to put him down due to cancer. It felt like the end of the world (but i'm still here thank god) now I have zephya a cute light bay (year I like the bays). Zeph is so cute and he has the biggest jump. He's the new jaspher. I also had a horse called twinkle a black wild pony after Jaspher.

Please read my story with horses and enjoy!

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Nov 19, 2010
the writer
by: Anonymous

i love horses so much, they mean the world to me!. thanks for commenting i am lucky but at the moment I'm just riding. i don't have my own (not allowed) sadly my best friend still has 1.

Nov 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

horses are the best

Nov 12, 2010
by: Clare

You are SO lucky you have had and have your own horses!

PS: nice story

Nov 09, 2010
by: claudia

Aren't horses the best thing in the world?????

Nov 05, 2010
by: Romany

Horses are so cute!

Oct 27, 2010
note from the author
by: the writer

please comment! thanks!

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