My Horse Life

by Morgan

I have always loved horses and finally got 2 horses on valentines day in 2009. I have Emmy who is a Spotted Saddle Horse(we think) she's five years old and was abandoned at an auction and taken home by my dad's friend.

A little while after they had her, she had Dexter who is part Tennessee Walking Horse and cost a couple thousand dollars just to deliver because of some problems during birth. My dad's friend gave them both to us after they weaned Dexter.

Me and my brother also used to take riding lessons and had Emmy trained there and I've been training Dexter with some help from my brother. He's done great so far and hasn't bucked yet and hopefully never will x).

I love to draw horses and have been drawing them since I was real little although most are real awful looking I've been slowly getting better over the years x.

I've never really been one of the people who like to colour my drawings, so a coloured drawing from me will be real rare xD

Another thing about my drawings are that they are never traced not because I've never tried but because every time I do it is probably the worst drawing ever x) so if I draw something from somewhere it is by just looking and drawing from it.

I am 16 years old. My dad owns a junkyard and me and my brother help him with it. We have a lot of...different cars. xD Some of them include a 4x4 69 Charger RT painted like the general lee, a 71 Challenger RT SE station wagon, a altered wheel base Baracuda, and lots more including my 67 mustang which of course has everything to do with horses xD

I love to read any horse book I can find and love to watch horse movies my favorites would have to be the the phantom stallion book series and movie is Spirit. ^^

My friends all think I'm a horse maniac and if you see my room you'd know why because everywhere you look there's something to do with horses. I collect all kinds of Breyer horses my fav. Is Blugrass Bandit. I play on Howrse my username is Tukell and I am always open to friends C:

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Jul 27, 2010
by: Sydney

Awesome valentines present.

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