My horse life

by kk
(Calgary ,Alberta, Canada)

hi i am kk. I am officely horsre crazy!!!!! I have been riding since i was 5. It only toke ponyrides and toy horses to get me hooked. Around when I was five and a half i started riding a shetland pony (pipcy),then I moved up to a welsh mountain pony(buddy) and then to a dartmoor(darcy).
Darcy and I went top are first "horse" show when i was 6 and toke first place home.
Then my mom bought cass. a Perchron x throughbred.
a half of a year later i moved up to rolo(applosa) and then to Lucky(quarter horse)
When I was 7 when we moved to calgary. I toke up figure skating.In my 3rd year here i quit skating and I started riding again 4 years later i bought liberty.
IN my first week of riding liberty we went on a trail ride. in least then a 1/2 an hour i wa sbeing rushed to emergencey.I almost broke my leg.
I went to my first compation in march on a saturday.
The friday day before i got dumped on a jump(it hurt).I choose to do the hunter eqution and maybe jump the warm up jumps.
the next day i jumped the warm up jumps like a pro and then i went in my round.then my round started..... second jump refuced whiped around (i got knocked off balence)and galloped away i got dumped on my are when it was extened.
Again i went to emergency and almost broke my arm.I was ok it just hurts alot!!!!!!!!!
the vet said liberty is having trouble seeing because he is 23( and still going strong) so now i am doing flat with liberty and jumping with a horse named smokey(quarter horse)
my mom is also letting me ride cass.

Oh.....and my room is full of horse posters and lots of horse magazines(young rider, horses illustrated).

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May 08, 2010
Cool story kk
by: Anonymous

I really like your story.......I have been riding for the last 9 years.N ow I am 12 and Jumping 2.9 in the hunter ring how about u????????

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