My horse life (so far)

by Horse-Crazy Girl
(BC Canada)

One day when I was driving home with my mom we heard a contest for a horse riding camp. I told my mom I might like it so we signed up and lost. But then I went horse crazy.

I found horse games to play and I would play them all the time. One day I saw an advertisement for a horse riding camp at a local stable. But when we got ready to sign up every spot was taken. But my mom said I could have weekly lessons so we went to the stable and I rode an Arabian, flea-bitten Arabian named Abe.

On that day I walked and trotted. This was the first day I rode a horse. I get lessons every week and I've been riding for three months.

A few weeks ago I cantered and my last lesson I did my first jump ever on a horse. I ride a horse named Moter who is brown. I really want my own horse.

I hoped you liked it. If you want an update just comment and tell me so.

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