My horse crazy story.. thing...

by Ashlynne "Ash"

I have been riding horses since I was three. Now 13, I still avidly ride on 3 Arabians: Muffy, Moonshadow, and C-Star.

My first time riding was at my aunt Monica's house in Reno, Nevada. I rode one of her gentle quarter horses, and my parents continued to send me to riding lessons where my love for horses developed.

My other passions include drawing manga, singing in choir, and writing fantasy novels.
I ride as much as I can, which is a lot, at my cousin's house. They have miles of expansive trails, 2 arenas, a few paddocks/pastures, and a gorgeous barn. Oh! And their five horses...


is a sorrel Arabian mare, whom I typically ride. She is calm, but VERY stubborn.


is a chestnut Arabian mare, who has a white "c" shaped star on her forehead, giving her the name. I do not ride her much because she spooks a lot...but geez, she is very pretty.


is Muffy's filly. She is a grown horse now, but still green-broke, which is why I also do not ride her much. She is a solid cherry bay Arabian as well.


are grey tobiano miniature ponies. They aren't very miniature though, even as their breed is American Miniature. Misty is feisty, while Trigger is slow and calm.

I currently ride hunt seat (which is a style of English.) My ultimate goal is to own my own horse. Which, in my dreams, is a very light grey Arabian. ;)

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Apr 11, 2011
by: Lekha

You are so lucky. I wish could ride horses as often as you. I get to ride every other week at a faraway stable.

Apr 10, 2011
by: jakiebabe

You are SUPER lucky. I ride once a month and sometimes not even that.I have stables around me, but not the style I ride- Western.English is fun because I LOVE to jump, but western is all me.I want to later in my life also own a horse, named Jake.He is 9 year old sweetheart. Very clingy, but ONLY to me. I don't even need a lead rope anywhere when I am not riding him because he follows me around and when I walk away he looks at me like comeback please!

I want to compete in well I haven't decided, but I have a while, because I can't train now, because the stable i ride at monthly is 1hr and 30min. away and parents said no to bringing me there, but I love riding once a month anyway and it gives me an incentive for school!

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