My horse birthday Party!!

by Rachael

Peanut! <3

Peanut! <3

Ok so for my bithday party when I turned 10, I had cupcakes in the shape of the horses head with a blue halter on.

My aunt rode her horse here and I rode around and my friends came over. After my aunt left my friend katie came and invited me to her horse barn so i went and I rode her pony around and it was fun because I cantered and trotted and jumped a little.

My parents got me little breyer horses there soo cute I play with them alot! As I was saying I was with the pony named peanut :) Katie was trying to get him to trot cause he wouldnt budge so she swung the lead rope around his but and I accidentally let go and he was trotting while I was holding on to his neck it was hilarious!!! Here are some pics of the shetland I rode! I hope I win at least 3rd place I would love some new horse gammes for a my ds!! <3 Rachael

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