My Friend, Haven

by Madalyn
(Albion, Pennsylvania USA)

There was once a girl named Anne. She lived on a farm with her mother and father. They had lots of horses but her favorite was one named Haven. He could not be ridden yet, but he was almost 2 years old. He would be the first horse Anne would ride.

At school, a lot of kids made fun of her. They called her horse girl and said she stinked like a horse. And she had no friends except Haven.

Sometimes, Anne would come off the bus crying and she would run into the horse stalls and Haven would nuzzle her softly.

A few months later, Haven was ready to be ridden. Him and Anne soon became one. Now, Anne was older and became a championship horse rider. People stopped making fun of her and started praising her. They would ask riding tips and such. Although everyone thought they were her friend, Anne had one TRUE friend, and that was Haven.

Anne and Haven won many championships after that. They were one of the best riders. Every championship they went to they won a gold medal.

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Jan 21, 2016
by: Sydney

I do love happy endings. :)

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