My First Shooting Star

by Sian

The night I wished upon my first shooting star would be one that I will never forget- I remember it clearly. I always will.

It started off like every other day for me- I was in the barn. I had just fetched in my horse, Kaspian, and was grooming him. There was a few other horses in the barn- but no humans. And a dog called Apple was here, she was a huge great Dane. She always ran with us when we rode.
Anyway, just as I finished picking out Kaspian's feet, I heard a set of horse hooves coming down the isle between the stalls. 'Funny,' I thought, 'No one else is usually here at this time,' I lived here on the land, as did my father, and some of the ranch hands, and one of their sons, Link, but they were normally fetching most of the other horses in, we did have three full sized barns.

I leaned over the stable door, looking in the direction of the horse hooves. There stood Link, you know, son of one of the ranch hands? With his horse, Galaxy. "Hey," I smiled, getting his attention. He looked at me and smiled, coming over to Kaspian's stall with Galaxy.

"Morning," He responded, "Are you taking Kaspian out later?" He asked me. I nodded, I had planned a hack out by myself on one of the mountain trails. I would go to the top, watch the sun set, and come back down before it got too dark. Simple plan, really.
"Yeah, I am, actually. Why? Would you like to come?" I offered. It would be nice to have some company.
"Yeah, please. If you don't mind. I have to take Galaxy out later, too." He pointed to the bay and white mare behind him. She was stunning- they had both had each other since they were young. Me and Link were fourteen now.
"Okay, sure. I need to do some jumping in the arena first, though."I smiled and walked back to Kaspian. Kaspian was a black, 15 hand gelding. He's a gentle horse and wouldn't hurt a fly.

I finished his hooves and gathered all the brushes, and left the stall. I only bothered to lock the top lock, as Kaspian rarely ever escaped. I put the grooming kit away, and grabbed his tack. Kaspian had already eaten. I walked past Galaxy's stall where Link was bent over, doing the job I was just doing. Picking out the feet. I smiled and walked off. I liked Link- only as a friend, but he was a good looking kid. He was polite, too. Basically, every girl's dream.
I slipped the tack over the stall gate. I had an English saddle and bridle, but we did both. The hack we would do in Western.

"Hey, buddy," I smiled as I opened the gate to let me in to the stall. "Who's a good boy?" I asked, rubbing Kaspians soft muzzle. He's so gentle, bless him. I ran my hand along his white face, and grabbed the bridle from the little hook. I quickly got it on him, and that was soon followed by the saddle pad and saddle. I hooked the reins under the stirrup and walked to Galaxy's stall. "Hey, Link." I greeted, walking into his stall. He jumped a little.
"Oh, hey! You scared me," He laughed nervously.
"Sorry! Anyway, what are you doing today?" I noticed how Galaxy had English tack on, but Link didn't ever ride English.
"Oh, I'm teaching a private lesson," Link informed me, "To this girl who goes to our school,"
"Oh! Who is it?"
"Just this girl called Rebecca,"
"Oh, alright. I'll see you later, yeah?"
Link nodded and I fetched Kaspian.
I got to the gate of the arena, where Lnik wasn't doing his lesson, and opened the gate, leading in Kaspian. I shut it behind us and set up some jumps whilst Kaspian just stood there.

I smiled once I had finished, and crossed my arms. I was pretty proud, to be honest. I walked over to Kaspian and quickly mounted him. Being the good horse he is, he stood still until I had both feet in the stirrups and kicked him forward. I warmed him up first, walking him around the arena, then trotting him before doing the jumping course.
We passed the jumps with flying colours, and Link and...Uhh..What was her name? Reece? Re-Re...Rebecca, that's it. Stood there and clapped. I smiled and laughed, feeling slightly embarrassed. They saw all that?
"Well done!" Link praised, before they turned back to the lesson.

Later that night, just before 5 O'clock, I had Kaspian tacked up in his Western gear, and I was waiting for Link. He slowly came along with Galaxy, who was limping slightly. "Ahh, I don't think I can come," He sighed. "Galaxy's got a limp, I think we worked her a bit too hard during the lesson,"
"Oh, no! Will she be okay?" I asked. Galaxy was a great horse, and I'd cry if anything happened to her.
"Yeah, she'll be fine, don't worry. Just a little limp, huh, girl?" He stroked Galaxy's face. "So, I don't think I can come, sorry,"
"Don't worry about it, it's fine, really. I'll go alone," I smiled, and lead Kaspian out. "I'll see you later. If my dad asked, tell him I'll be back for 8! And I have my phone, anyway," I informed Link, and he hummed in agreement.
I mounted Kaspian and walked him on out of the barn, along the cobble path. It was so peaceful, the whinnying of horses and the far off sounds of car engines filled the air. It was a warm day, and the sun made the whole area look amazing.
I smiled as we reached the main gate. It wasn't much of a gate, more of an arch than anything. A car was coming up the drive way. I stopped Kaspian to let it pass, but it stopped next to us.
"Hello, is this..." The man in the car looked down at a sheet of paper on a black clip board. "Oak Tree Stables?" He asked.
"Yes, it is. Can I help you?" I responded. I had never seen this man in my life, he looked too much of a city man to be here in the country side.
"Yes, I'm looking for Mr. Smith? I'm here to discuss lessons with him,"
"Oh, okay..." That's a bit weird, we don't normally do lessons. "Yeah, you can find him in his office in the barn, probably. Just drive up this road, and it's the big red building with the horse box next to it. If he's not there, on the third stall to the left should be a boy with black hair, ask him and he'll know," I instructed him. Mr.Smith was my dad, he had ran the yard for as long as I can remember. My mom- she...She left my dad a while ago, I've chosen not to see her. I know she'll want to take me away from here- and this place is my life. Anyway, he's done a good job so farm.
"Okay, thank you," He smiled and drove up the road. I shrugged and made my way up to the trail start.
Once I found it, I started to ride up there. There were animals all around me, squirrels and chipmunks in the tree's, deer and buck in the forests, and even some wild horses roaming around. I passed through a small creek, the water splashing up Kaspians legs, cooling him off slightly. He whinnied and continued. The stones under Kaspians feet moved as he walked over them, making way for us like we were king and queen. I took a deep breath. It was moments like these I lived for.
When I reached the top of the mountain, I saw another horse there. It was a pure black mustang by the looks of it. I rode closer and got a full look, but someone was next to it. I dismounted Kaspian and made sure I made enough noise so he knew I was here. He jumped a little when he head me. He was sat, leaning against a tree, his knee's tucked to his chest.
"Oh, hey," He smiled, seeing me.
"Hiya, is it okay if I sit down?" I asked, loosening Kaspians saddle and taking his bridle off.
"Yeah, sure," He budged over so I could sit against the large Oak tree with him.
"Thank you," I thanked him. Making conversation, I said, "So what brings you up here?"
"My dad owns a ranch just over the valley, and I've never been up here, so I decided to explore. And thus; here I am," He laughed. It died down, and he looked at me. "Yourself?"
"My dad owns Oak Tree, just down this mountain," I explained, "I always come here. Say, isn't it a bit late for you to stay out now? I mean, it's at least an hour over the valley, and it's half five now!"
"Wait? It is? Darn' it! My dad's going to be so annoyed. Augh!" He sighed.
"Well, you could spend the night at our barn if you want. There's a spare loft room one of the ranch hand's is normally in, but he's away," I informed, "I'm Kinzie, by the way," I smiled. I forgot to tell you about myself. My name is Kinzie, I am fourteen, I have ginger hair that I always have in a loose pony tail, and I have blue eyes and frekels. That's all you really need to know.
"Rhett," He stuck his hand out. "And that'd be great, thank you. This is Darcy, by the way," He stroked his horses face. I was wrong- it was a mare. Rhett had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm not going to lie, but he was good looking. Like, really, really good looking.
"Nice to meet you, and this is Kaspian," I pointed to my horse who was stood near the flower bed eating grass. He lifted his head and his ears perked from hearing his name. "Yes, you," I laughed as he walked over and sniffed my hand.
"Ah, he's cute." We talked for a while and I found out some stuff about Rhett. He's, like me, fourteen, and lives with both of his parents, and his ranch is a riding school.
"So should we get going?" I asked as the sun started to set, you could already see stars. Suddenly, Rhett gasped.
"Look! A shooting star! Wish, quickly!" He informed me, pointing at the flash of white. I wished that he and I would become friends.

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