My First Ride with Lily Belle

Well i am horse crazy because i love how horses are always there for you. I mean i also love big dogs mosly golden retrievers because they are also loyal, but horses are different, you can connect with them more.

For me, it is comforting whenever i am with a horse. I try to connect as much as possible. I am actually trying to save for english riding lessons hopefully to lease a horse with my bestfriend natalie some time soon.

Well anyway..

Now back to my title i met lily belle when i went to Splendor Farms horse camp. It is so much fun! I really liked her because, well, she was just awesome! I also tried to soothe her and connect with her because 1 of the other horses gracie bit her neck.

I acted like she was mine and made sure that no one teased her or accidentally bumped the sore, and made sure i did everything i could to help it heal the week i was there. I'm going back during thanksgiving and I hope to get her again so we can get better and our relationship can grow!

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