My First Kur

by Chloe

Just a pic of Monaceto.

Just a pic of Monaceto.

For those of you who don't know, Kur is freestyle dressage to music. It goes for about 6 minutes, and you have to choose different music for each gait. This is the story of my first Kur, upon my grey Thoroughbred Cradle Park Monaceto. NOTE: In this Kur you were allowed to incorporate any move you wished, and as Monaceto can do all dressage moves, I took advantage of it. WE ARE NOT DOING OLYMPIC LEVEL!

As I entered the arena, that's when the nerves kicked in. My legs turned to jelly, but I took a deep breath and ignored it. I saluted and heard Fire and Ice by Enya start. The cue to start with a Spanish walk (where the horse walks but lifts its front legs up high, like pawing the ground but moving). We continued around the arena, and when we got to C, the music changed to Cradle of Filth's Castlevania. I pulled Monaceto into a piaffe for 20 steps and moved into a canter. Monaceto has a lovely "rolls royce" canter. Three flying changes and a pirouette later, the music went into the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme, a cue for trot. Monaceto usually refuses to passage at first, but luckily he just did it for me. The Kur was coming to a close with Evanescence's Eternal, and we walked the rest of the test and finished with a piaffe and salute.

We got second that day, but hey! It got me $50 and a trophy, so I was happy. Monaceto got spoilt even more than usual, and he got a bath (which he didn't like), as he's grey and got very dirty.


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