My First Horse

by Eurydice
(Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA)



This is my first horse, Topaz! She is a Pinto mare and she loves to be around people! My parents got her for me on my 12th birthday! First, they brought me outside and then told me to close my eyes. When they said open, I saw a Pinto mare with a pink ribbon around her neck! I told my parents thank you and quickly ran to the mare.

Here's how she got her name, Topaz. My friend, Esther Y, and i where trying to pick a great name for my new mare. "Wait! Her old owner said her other name was Jessie. We don't want that name though. She is as shiny as a diamond, but what about Topaz? TOPAZ!!!! TOPAZ IS THE ONE!!! And that's how she got her name!

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