my first hack

by katie

the horse i rode

the horse i rode

when i went on my first hack i was 9. i had only ridden a horse 2 times and that's when i was about, well i don't no really i think i was a toddler. so i was really excited but nervous too.

i had loved horses for about a year by then and i loved being surrounded by them. Once i mounted all the memories of when i was a young rider came back. not long later we set of i was on a lead rope at the front of the group. that made me feel safe because i was right next to helen, the leader and instructor of us all.

There was another instructor at the back but if my horse is rearing there is no point in calling her! it was an hour ride so once took off we headed down a long narrow lane which led us to a gate that took us into the countryside, we were off!

At first it felt strange being in a saddle it was strange because we didn't turn around once but we still ended up back at the stables.

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