My Favourite Horse

by A horsecrazy rider
(St. Williams, Ontario, Canada)

Me riding Milo

Me riding Milo

Hey my name is Macy and this is my horsecrazy story. I ride horses at a place called Carousel Stables, right down the road from me, lucky right? Anyways I go there 4 times a week.(Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) I don't yet have my own horse cause my parents think it's too much money but, I want to lease a horse for a month. I think it would be a great experience and maybe will change their minds.
So I am pretty lucky right now because I have found a horse that is just down the road from me, I really enjoy riding, and is up for a lease! His name is Milo. His owner Danille is going off to collage so she would like someone to take great care of him. I think this would be perfect, my mom also agrees but my dad still on the verge of saying no. I keep telling him thats it only $150 and i will take good care of him but he thinks that everything is already going fine without me leasing a horse. I hope he will soon change his mind. Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed!

P.S. In my next story hopefully I can tell you about me leasing Milo, and how my dad would have regretted saying no.

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Jun 14, 2010
by: Hannah

How do you make your own horse page or whatever? And then witch link do you click on? I can't find it? Thank bye!-Hannah!

May 22, 2010
fingers x\crossed
by: Sydney

I hope you get to lease!! Let us know.

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