My Family and My Farm...

by Sydney

I grew up on a farm we never really had horses until i was 4 years old i got a lil Black stallion pony Named black knigh that i would ride with my neice whos 3 years older then me we also had my brothers pony A black n white Stallion Pony named Apatchie!

we also had a mare named beauty she is brown! she was going to have a foal at that time... soon after that a lil black filly was born We named her princess rain rains dad was black knight! princess rain became my pony she had a sister when she was about 1 or 2 years old she was a buckskin mare name Dutchess. Then when dutchess was 2 she had another sister A red mare Named Red Velvet. Princess rain had a foal name Oreo she was brown and white like her dad apatchie. later a brown and white Colt was born his mom was dutchess... dad was Apatchie
the colts name was Tex.... then Dutchess Red Velvet and Princess Rain had a Bro named Samsen he was Red! later on Princess had a foal NAMED Star! i love my Star by the way Im Sydney

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Nov 23, 2009
I wish I had a farm!
by: Sydney

You are very lucky to live on a farm with all those horses - and you have a great name! ;-)

Post pics of your horses if you get the chance.

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