My Equine Family

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had a special place in my heart for horses. Over time, more and more equine siblings entered my life, and I am so grateful to have such a strong bond with such amazing creatures!! Here's a little about my horses:

Jazzy: She's the old gal in my family. Jazzy's 23 years old, going to be 24 this July (yes, she's getting up there!). She is 1/2 arabian, 1/4 thoroughbred, and 1/4 hanoverian. Whew, that's a lot!! Jazzy is very (emphasis on very!) spooky, but is very loving and patient.

Kismet: Kismet is the second oldest, as well as the second mare. She is Jazzy's distant cousin (I believe they share the same grand dam or something like that...), which I think is pretty cool!! She is 100% hanoverian (she has a brand mark to prove it), but may have a touch of arab in her because of the way she holds her tail. Kismet is the most bomb-proof right brain introvert you will ever meet (Well, she's 22 years old, so I guess she's too old to really care any more :P)! She is very sweet and I compete in Dressage with her.

Jack: He's an accident waiting to happen, but he's such a good boy! Jack is my mom's gelding, and he's the youngest in our equine family (He's only 10 years old.). Jack is a Dutch warmblood with the perfect bloodlines for dressage (I mean, c'mon, his dad is Idocus!). He's a massive 17 hh, but he hasn't realized that yet, which is the reason he keeps hurting himself(poor boy!). Jack is a real character and is the brother you wish you had!

Rocky: Rocky is new to our family, but I still love him as much as all of the other horses! He is an ex-eventer (He's now slowly becoming a dressage horse.), very energetic, but such a darling! He is 15 years old and fairly tall, reaching about 16.3 hh (he seems bigger on his back than looking at him from the ground. Weird, huh?). Rocky is such a sweet horse (they all are!) and only wants to please you!

Well, these are my horses!! I will post pictures of them, but I'll have to go to a different computer because my new laptop doesn't have any pics of them on here (tragic, isn't it? I will fix that issue ASAP!!!).....

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