My Dream Hors .(plus my imaginary one.)

by Shreya

I've always wanted a horse of my own but the thing is, my dad says buying and owning a horse is too expensive,plus he says I'm not responsible enough. I don't think so, though. Well, anyway, if I COULD have my own horse it would be something like this:

1.It'd be white.( I don't know why... probably because in my imaganation it looks pretty.)

2.Her name would either be Snow or Winter, because it'd be white,of course.

3. It would be a mare.

You know what's strange? My imaginary horse isn't like that. ( Please don't laugh at me,for obvious reasons) It looks like this:

1. It is brown.

2. Her name is Chocolate.

The only thing that is the same as my dream horse is that it's a mare. That's it. Otherwise they're different. Well,thanks for reading..bye!

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Jan 14, 2010
I have imaginary horses too!
by: Anonymous

I Dream about owning a horse too! here is a list of the imaginary horses:
-leo(Spooted blanket Appaloosa)
-Darkstar(Connemara pony)

Jan 06, 2010
dream horses
by: Sydney

Shreya, I don't think your crazy. Both horses sound perfect! I don't have a horse yet either. Hopefully someday we'll both get them!! Til then we can dream. :-)

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