My Cousin's Horse Party

by Brenda
(oklahoma city OK)

My cousen abby and alexis my other cousen and i wanted to have a horse party for her horse chayo. We wanted to invite all of our friends that love horses. We made invitations and the invitations said "You're invited." Below we wrote with a black marker so it said "You're invited horse crazy friend". The invitations had a black and bay horse and their hind legs and the color was baby blue and inside the color was pink.

The location was planned in the stables. We were also making a sleep over so the boxes wher suppose to be clean. The horses were also invited. We swept the floor and also Abby's mom our aunt helped put in the tables. We put chips in bowls and drinks.

We also had to fix the pinata. The pinata was a white horse. We put candy and fruit inside. We also made candy bags. When everthing was done in 42 minutes everyone came. They said that they were having a great time.

After awhile we all went inside and saw a movie and ate popcorn and drinks. We slept in the living room with our sleeping bags and read a horse book we all took turns. Everyone kept sayin they had a great time. We also a the best time too.

horse parties

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