My Boy

by Aspen
(Wy ( USA ))



Hey everyone

Soooo I've gotten more then one question that goes a little something like this "Do you own a horse?" and of course I've replied with My honest opinion "No, I dont" I do really want a horse and someday I'll get one, but for this moment I wanted to share a little about Rusty my llama....

1: He's a stallion and he shows it ;)

2: his name is perfect for his coloring, he's rusty red

3: he packs 39-40 lbs. with a trot in his step and a smile on his face (literately)

4: he's got a huge crush on the other llama Janga, Shhhhh he's gonna be a dad lol

5: he will lay down only with a command

6: he will stay laying for as long as I want

7: he has a super strong spit machine

8: he will do a high pitch squeal when danger is around, like coyotes, wolves or the neighbors silly dog ;)

9: he's a Argentina llama, there are only about 255 in the north America, so he's specials

10: he's my pride and joy, I love him dearly :D

Sooooo tell me, can you horses lay down, or do any of these things above lol?

Thank you Aspen, any questions?

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Feb 25, 2020
To: Anonymous
by: Aspen ( Artist )

Aww thanks, I'll give Rusty a big hug for you, he loves the Attention, and yeah the background in the picture is pretty, this was in December 2019, now that same Snow drift is over 6 feet tall lol, your horse sounds beautiful, I love her name!

Feb 18, 2020
by: Anonymous

Rusty is super cute and the name fits him! I have a light grey Lipizzan mare named Bella, and no, she cannot lay down on command LOL! The snowy background is super pretty too! Give Rusty kisses and treats for me!

Feb 06, 2020
Thanks for the post sydney
by: Aspen ( Artist )

:D please tell me what you think of Rusty

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