My Best Friend's Ranch

by horses123454

One my friend Prim told me about one of the young ladies on her ranch named Georgia. Georgia refused to take lessons. So one day, Prim saw Georgia taking her amazing shining black Frisian horse named Katniss, on a trail ride. About 30 minutes later Prim heard a canter behind her.

When she looked back she saw Katniss but without Georgia! Now before I go any further than you must understand Georgia was not very nice and well, honestly quite snotty. Back to the story.

She told a stable hand and when they finally found Georgia she had quite a few cuts and scrapes. She had to get stitches! But you know why she fell off Katniss and had to get stitches? Because she got off her horse wrong.

If she took lessons that would have never happened but she still refuses even to this day! So may this be a lesson to you, always know what you are doing!

Thanks for listening.

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