My Bella Sara Review By: Shreya

by Shreya

I love Bella Sara soooooo much that just words alone cannot explain it. Even my little brother and next door neighbor like it! And they are both only 5 years old! I first found about Bella Sara through an advertisement while signing up for a stupid website GiroPets. (Don't even think of signing up for GiroPets! It's waaaaaaaay too boring! I found out about it through Google. But it isn't their fault that GiroPets is soooo stupid!) Well,I love the game., but I don't have any of the cards. Any one know where I can find them for a low price? And does anyone know what Bella Sara Adventures is? Thanks!
Shreya,a Bella Sara fan and HCG.

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by: Shreya

Thank you for the website Rachel. I'll check it out. And again,thanks for the website!

This website has card codes
by: Rachel

Hi I know a website with reusable card codes so I'll post it here for you.

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