My beautiful Thalia

by Mary Ashley
(Virginia )

This is a true story about a tan and white pinto Chincoteague pony. Her forelock is black. Then, her mane goes black, white, and black. All the way down to her withers. Her tail started white, then turns black. As soon as I saw her, I knew we had to be together even if I owned her or not.

Her name is Thalia (pronounced: Talea), she was abused for six years. She was captured on Pony Penning Day on Assateague. Which is an island that's famous for the ponies. Pony Penning Day is where men from close by Chincoteague go out on horseback and round up horses. Then she was sold and abused for six years. When she was finally sold, she was a killer. People couldn't even open her stall door without her rearing and bucking and trying to kill them. They had to bring treats for her just to lead her out to the pasture!

My teacher worked for two years with Thalia. Then I came. Thalia was still dangerous. And she still is today. I've seen her bite, kick, and try to buck. But she has never tried to harm me once. I lead her on a halter, I walk and trot on her. She's REALLY fast! Her show name is Dust to Diamonds. I think it suites her perfectly.

Thalia doesn't really like to stop. So, we practiced. And practiced. And practiced. And when my first show was in sight, me and Thalia were doing the walk and halt class. I was worried. But we got fourth place out of thirty eight others!

Then my teacher ran over to me and some others. She seemed stressed and worried. "Who is good at handling Thalia?" She asked in a hurry. I was the only one to raise my hand. "Good. Your doing Model In Hand," My teacher said, relieved. She quickly explained what it was. She said it was almost like Showmanship. But shorter.

I remembered the first time me and Thalia tried to practice Showmanship. It didn't go very well. She wouldn't stop walking until my teacher came over. I watched the first person go and memorized the coarse quickly. I quickly put Thalia's halter on. Then we stepped into the ring after the first person had finished. SO many other people were doing Model In Hand. But no one else was doing it with Thalia. I took a deep breath and started the course.

I jogged and she trotted. I stopped and Thalia stopped as quickly as me. I turned around and did other things. Then the judge examined us. I stood still like I was supposed to do. Then, I blinked and found Thalia nuzzling my shoulder. Me and Thalia happily walked out of the arena. I was so glad we did well. Then, I found myself holding a second place ribbon! I jogged over to Thalia and hugged her.

For my second show, it was WAY harder than my first show. I rode Thalia again. It wasn't really a show, because you didn't get ribbons or trophies. We were just showing for all of my teachers students. She has a LOT! And me and Thalia's routine was complicated and hard. And there were two other people showing with us.

Thalia and me and the other people with us did REALLY good! Then it was Christmas break and i had to say goodbye to Thalia for two weeks. I miss her. But I know I'll see her soon!

Hope you enjoyed my true story!

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Feb 09, 2019
Well written story
by: equine passion

The story was good, very well written. I love it when people are psyched about placing second, and not always being disconent and wanting first place. She sounds like a sweet horse!

Jan 23, 2019
sweet story!
by: SpiritGirl

Thalia sounds like a great horse! You must love each other loads xx

Jan 12, 2019
Barrel racin palomino
by: Anonymous

awesome story

Jan 08, 2019
That's so sweet!
by: hundreds of horses

That's a really sweet story! That mare sounds like she really loves you!

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