My beautiful grey horse....

by Sam

thats him fooling around in the arena!!

thats him fooling around in the arena!!

hey everyone, I would like to share with you my beautiful horse, his name is Winsor, and he's the best partner anyone could have, he is a Lipizzaner and i just have him to be my best friend. All-though i still ride him english i don't compete on him because he has a very spooky personality and hates being loaded onto the trailer... but to are pleasure we pop over some jumps. and once i got him to jump 4'3! it was very exciting. He just loves to be cuddled and hates going out in the rain!! He has tons of spunk, all-though he's not a huge horse (only standing at 15.2h) he has all the movement of one. i hope to have him for a very long time.

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