by Mary C.

Mustangs are just so graceful. I have two horses of my own. They are quarter horses but my favorite horse breed is the Mustang. So wild and free.

I just love how beautiful they are. I just love all horses. They will always be there for you. Always your best friend and they don't care how you look.

My pony popcorn who is NOT a quarterhorse. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me! but he's 25 or 26. I still love him though and he's real healthy.

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Apr 20, 2009
My horses
by: Mustang Ivy

My Horses
by Ivy G. Lee

I have galloping there a field on a part of history, spirit, and freedom. His mane flies in my eyes I can not see because he is faster than a Thoroughbred and stronger then a Draft Horse, it is my Mustang. Both my horses play a big part in the history of Native America Horses, an Appaloosa and Mustang.

To begin an Appaloosa is a spotted horses. Appaloosas are large horses, that is why the Indians used them for war and hunting large animals. Another use for the Appaloosa were to catch mustangs because they believed that only an appaloosa could be as fast as an Mustang. I have an Appaloosa myself he do not look like and Appaloosa but his mom and dad were Appaloosas so he is papered an Appaloosa.

Then my a Mustang is a horse that is papered "Wild Horse". A Mustang got it's name from horse wrangler that worked for the "Pony Expertise". They called Mustang, Mustang-goes because when every the land became fenced the Mustangs would run there those fences to get water and stallion got phrases Quarter Horse mares, they wonted the mustang to be gone. I also have an Mustang, he is papered Wild horse.

To end with horses are strong, friendly,and will always be there for you. And to add to that many people think that Mustang is a title for a horse that is wild but is a horse that has faced dangers of living in the wild!!! Also Appaloosas are gentle giants that are people pleasers.

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