Molly rox outloud

by Molly

This is a picture of my horse Bingo I painted!

This is a picture of my horse Bingo I painted!

I love to ride. I lease two Morgan Horses named Bingo and Tuck. Tuck is very fresh at times but I love he so much. He is hard to ride but yet so much fun!!! Bingo is fun too. I am showing him saddleseat this show season, can't wait!! Mean while I'll be practicing at the stables where I ride.

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Jul 31, 2009
by: ST

You're of the hook, anon.

Nov 30, 2008
horse panting
by: Anonymous

your painting is so off the hook

Oct 06, 2008
by: Sandy

So sad about Tuck. I think your painting is great. You must go on painting- you are such a great artist

May 09, 2008
Hi Molly
by: Sydney a HCG

Haven't heard from you in a while. Did you have your show? How did it go???

Feb 17, 2008
its me agian
by: molly

I was reading your comments about my painting so here are some answers. It took about 3 days to paint, i took a pic of bingo made it big drew it in colored pencil and then went ove it in paint. It wasn't to hard but i don't paint much anymore it takes a longggggggggggggg time.

ps lol rachel luv you!!

Feb 17, 2008
by: Anonymous

Ha Ha this is Molly I am commenting my self. Thanks for enery one eles comments i luv u guys!!!
I'll keep you posted if any thig new goes on with Tuck and Bingo. Tuck is leaving my ownership March 1st, sooooo sad =(

Feb 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

Nice pic Molly i cant belive you drew that lol


Feb 02, 2008
How could you paint that??
by: Christy, Amanda + Sydney

Your painting is so pretty. It must have taken you hours. Was it hard to paint? Did you go through a lot of paper? Do you paint and draw horses a lot? How did you learn?

We LOVE your painting!

Jan 27, 2008
Really pretty horse pic!
by: Sydney

I love your picture. It is so gorgeous. How old were you when you painted it?? It's so pretty! You're an amazing artist!

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