by Petra
(Port Louis, Falkand Islands)

This is me jumping 1,40 on my big showjumper

This is me jumping 1,40 on my big showjumper

I am absolutely horse mad because I have grown up with horses on my farm. We now have 43 horses on the farm and 3 in another country where I show jump on my arab mare with my twin sister, little sister and my mum.

I have owned my own pony since I was 4 years old, and she has the same name as me. (She was named when we bought her). I still have her 10 years later and am hoping to get another foal off her next summer.

I have 5 of my own horses and ponies all together. My two sisters and my 3 year old brother all have their own ponies too. My brother has three and likes to ride 2 of them, the other one is still being broken in. My other sisters have the same amount of horses and ponies as me.

My twin sister and I train our own ponies and and help other people too with our special methods. We are hoping to run our own riding school some day to teach begginners and get more children interested in horses and riding.

I would like to get some vet qualifications too, so that I will always have that skill, I would especially like to study horses in my vets course.

Well, that is why i am absolutely, totally, positively horse and pony mad!
From me!

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